Ethnic Minority Immigrant Youth as Information Mediaries

Philip Fawcett

Phil Fawcett has worked in the computer-science industry since the early 1980s. During this time as a corporate controller turned IT manager, he planned and implemented manual-to-automated system conversions for small-and medium-sized businesses in manufacturing, land and building management, and large-scale construction.

Since joining Microsoft in 1984, Fawcett has held positions as a support engineer, test lead, and test manager and helped ship more than 30 products, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Works for Apple and Windows operating systems, and Microsoft Project for Windows. He also served as a supportability program manager, technical evangelist for Windows hardware platforms, and regional support manager where he managed over 300 engineers. He is currently a principal research program manager doing technology transfer from the research work of 850 Microsoft researchers worldwide into Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, and embedded product divisions. Mr. Fawcett is a featured speaker at Microsoft’s executive briefing center and around the world speaking on the future of computing, innovation and new technology.

Mr. Fawcett holds a B.A. degree in Accounting and Marketing from Seattle Pacific University and an MBA from Seattle University. Currently, he is a doctoral candidate in Information Science at the University of Washington focusing on information and communication technology and its impact on international development.

Fawcett’s volunteer work in Central America and Mexico has led to a strong research interest in information and communication technology impact on developing country ecosystems. In the mid-90’s during the Guatemala civil war, he transported computers to rural Guatemala for use in medical clinics north of Guatemala City. In the past decade, he has been involved in house-building projects and technology focused community development in Mexico, South America, Guatemala, and India.

Fawcett holds five patents in modem and communication-related technologies in Windows. His hobbies are technology, photography, motocross riding, painting, and long-distance bicycle riding. He has participated in three transcontinental bicycle rides across the United States in 21 days or fewer.

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