Ethnic Minority Immigrant Youth as Information Mediaries

Teen Design Day Workshops with East Asian Youth Complete

sttc-post-imgOn April 9, 10, and 12 we had an opportunity to complete our third Teen Design Days workshop. Like the previous one this one ran over three days. Based on what we learned from the previous two workshops we tweaked a few things including:

  • We asked the youth to (1) write up to five scenarios that capture their InfoMe tasks and to (2) draw up to five separate images that depict their information worlds
  • We invited colleagues interested in the Teen Designs Day model in to participate in facilitating different activities
  • Instead of running all three days of the workshop in succession, we inserted a one day break to give the participants more time to complete the take-home assignments

Unlike the previous two we were able to hold a Community Celebration. For the community celebration, the youth were encouraged to invite family, friends and community members in to learn hear about some of the designs they had developed. On the day of the celebration we ordered an authentic Burmese cuisine for attendees to enjoy. This was followed by groups of youth presenting and answering questions about their designs.

We had a great time working with this group of youth and look forward to doing our next Teen Design Days Workshop.

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