Ethnic Minority Immigrant Youth as Information Mediaries

A Graphic Artist’s Portrayal of How Teens Help through Information

There is a wide range of ways that information mediaries (InfoMe) help others. But there are not always cameras around to catch them in action. Our conversation with youth InfoMe’s informs us, though, that they do things including translating from one language to another, making purchases on behalf of others, and helping people get around.

Armed with this information, we thought it would be useful to have images that depict InfoMe’s in action. Images that illustrate some of the contexts where InfoMe behaviors occur and the feelings–happiness, confusion, tiredness–that may surface for individuals involved in an InfoMe transaction. To help with this effort, we connected with a teen graphic artist, Emmett Kahn (

We supplied Emmett with a number of the actual scenarios from our InfoMe youth, such as:

After a few rounds of modification, several hand drawn images of 4 scenarios:

  • A teen helping her little brother with homework
  • A teen helping a new immigrant friend learn how to play a sport he’s never heard of before
  • A teen helping a mother understand how you buy things at the grocery store
  • A teen helping an old lady at the bus stop get to where she wants to go
  • A teen helping his aunt fill out an online job application
  • A teen translating for his grandfather at the doctor’s office

Below are thumbnails of some of the images the young artist produced. We plan to use them in the written InfoMe survey that we will implement in Seattle high schools this fall.






Interested in using any of the images? Let us know and we’ll figure out how to get them to you.

Would you like to contribute a hand drawn image to the collection? Email us at and we will work with you to make that happen.

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