Ethnic Minority Immigrant Youth as Information Mediaries

Train the Trainer at University of Illinois


Photo credit: Yalsa Blog

In October 2014, Ann Bishop shared the InfoMe project with the University of Illinois, giving an outline of our research. In this presentation attendees showed interest to know more about the ways of designing programs similar to Teen Design Days. This led to a three-and-a-half day Train the Trainer workshop at the Champaign Public Library.

Hailley Fargo wrote about this event in Yalsa Blog:

“Bishop led us through a condensed design workshop, which included brainstorming problems we encounter daily and then splitting us into three groups based on the type of problems we identified. My group looked at the problem of visiting family and the hassles and stress that we confront. Through critical thinking, some storytelling, and using our limited drawing abilities, we more clearly defined our problem and then moved into thinking about what could help us out.”


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