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Resources: Design Thinking for Libraries Toolkit

toolkit_coverBy IDEO + Gates foundation

Design Thinking for Libraries is a newly published toolkit form Design thinking series by IDEO. This is a tool for librarians (and designers) to know their users better and solve everyday challenges of working in a library.

It is consisted of three parts: Inspiration, Ideation and Iteration. In each section users get a vast explanation of the concept and methods to use in the design process, with real-life examples. Along with the guide book there comes an activities book in which users can actually practice and learn the methods by implementing them.

It describes how it would be useful for librarians to apply design thinking:

“Beyond uncovering solutions to the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis, practicing design thinking will also help you and your library develop a new way of working. Of course, design thinking starts with engaging your users, but from there it can spread throughout an organization and provide several benefits for both the library and its patrons.”

It is free for download: Design Thinking for Libraries


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